What’s the difference between a custom session and a workshop?

The clue is in the name!

Workshops deliver awesome, but standardised content designed to help a wide range of businesses succeed, and, for the most part, they do exactly that! [We obviously tailor the delivery based on who’s in the room, but usually? There are 15-ish of you!]

For businesses wanting a [very] customised solution, our 1:1 custom sessions give you a 2 hour sit-down session with one of our brilliant strategists, completely customised to the needs of your business. We’ll conduct a little health check of your current activity and map out some really solid, strategic advice [including a content plan and tailored influencer recs, #hellyeah] for you to roll out across your channels. You’ll leave the session with a 50-ish page report, jam-packed with best practice and a clear path forward.

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