Are your working hours the same?

Mostly - yes.

Our whole team is doing their *absolute* best to stick to our usual hours of 9-5 but reality is, some of us have little ones at our feet [or are now part-time home schoolers] so have been working in 'shifts'

Apart from the odd occasion where our Founder goes rogue [we lovingly refer to this as “rogue Clonan”], we’re under strict instructions to leave all emails until we’re officially 'on shift' ... As you can imagine, we’re super busy at the moment – blame that a-hole COVID-19.

Never fear, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can [just give us 24 - 48 hours, yeah?]

If it's the weekend - we'll be back to you on Monday. We’ve got this #bemoreFrance rule, where we’ve decided it’s a “non, monsieur and madame” to all emails sent after hours / on weekends ... No wonder the French are so-dang-attractive, right?! Ha! [gimme some o’ that dewy digital-detox’y skin, thx]

If your enquiry is urgent, you can rest assured our Founder still skims emails out of hours [despite waxing lyrical that we all must digi-detox] ... she’ll soon begin to eye twitch and likely roll-awn-in and sort your urgent enquiry out.

Or … she could also leave it, and that’ll likely be because home schooling through COVID kicked royal hiney this week, because #thanksRona. 🦠

Until then? You can see all of our eLearning options here, our corporate training here, or our latest blog here.

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