Intermediate vs. Advanced vs. Online Intensive... HALP!

We'll admit it, Facebook Ads are our JAM, so we do have a few different learning avenues to suit the wide range of people we see coming through our TDP doors (both in-person and online)

We'll break it down for you, if you're having trouble choosing between our main offerings on Facebook ads learning

Our Facebook Ads Intermediate and Facebook Ads Online Intensive are the same course, presented in 2 different ways.

  • FB Ads Intermediate in-person workshops are adapted slightly to suit those attending
  • FB Ads online intensive is a set curriculum that you can work through at your own pace [and refer back to whenever you like]

Both of these goodies do require you to have an understanding of how Facebook Ads work, as well as having your Pixel installed [Pixel whaaaattt? click here]

Facebook Ads Advanced? Is what it says on the box. You need to already be a Facebook Ads semi-expert with campaigns running and be ready to *seriously* level UP!

We're talking keep up with the big guns and be really ready to become an expert, yourself.

Clearer? Great!

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