I'm attending a Facebook workshop, do I need my Facebook Pixel installed first?

*AB*solutely yes.

Why's it so cool and *such* a necessity? It collects data, it tracks, it optimises, it helps to build audiences, it follows people who have already been to your website [in the least-creepy way possible] it's pretty much the super hero of Facebook advertising.

Haven't got yours installed? Its a must! Especially prior to a workshop, we want you to get as much out of your time with us as possible, and for that? You need to get your pixel game ON!

And before you ask, no we don't install Facebook pixels ourselves [soz!]. We strongly suggest you talk to your web developer if you aren't too web-savvy or, you can look at some online tutorials if you're comfortable enough with your websites code to DIY.

Or you could head on over to our lovely friends at Fletch Digital, they'll be more than happy to assist [in the *most* affordable way possible]

We've gone a step further and found an online resource from Facebook themselves if you're going to DIY.

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