$999 feels like a *lot* to invest in a x2 hour custom session, I love you guys, but should I invest?


The vast majority of our custom session clients leave the session feeling totally pumped, and it’s so fun for us to see them implementing the changes to take their socials to new heights.

The best part? This is not just 2x hours of our time, it's out strategist team deep-diving into your current online presence, pinpointing exactly where you can improve and customising a strategy just.for.you!

Post-session, we keep an outside-eye on how you're tracking and our strategists will touch base via e-mail to make sure there aren’t any other queries you need answered [nothing worse than getting home from a custom session and realising that “gah! I forgot to ask xyz question!”]

Short answer? If you've been thinking about it, you need to bite the bullet and book in ASAP, your social media platforms will thank you for it.

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